Election-night Special

Burning Airlines

In game-show purgatory, we're all just dying for a laugh

Watch your boy practice presidential looks, top of his class

What's darker, streets or airwaves pregnant with rumors of rewards?

If you're terminally bored, fall in behind the motorcade and lock your doors

Mother Money, your dreams came true today Slaughterhouse country offers up her favorite son

Who cares why anything gets done, get something done!

A moral gerrymander?

I could have laughed 'til I was sore, now I'm too busy bracing for the dark side of the holiday they're saving for

Mother Money, your dreams came true today

United we stand for unity, believe and believe in believability, so don't touch the machinery, and don't lean on the scenery

Get used to waiting, if what you're after's laughing last

At least here laughter's endlessly broadcast

Get what you see, all mask behind the masks behind the masks for Mother Money