Fallen Angel


I've been thrown down

Into the fiery gulf,

I'm still lying here

In this furnace flamed

I was a shinning angel

Now a raging dog,

(I've) lost the light of heaven

And gained the ever burning hell

Living is freedoom

I don't need your light

And scorning yout love

I'm feeling all right

Don't care what I do,

I'm living the eternal fight

Raised myself up

From this burning lake of hell

Gonna plan the best revenge

Reach the earth, deceive the men

Lust, pride, hate and sex

Join these ways and live to win

Bring out the fall of Adam (by)

The tree of knowledge's mortal sin

Look his mighty stature

On each hand the flames,

He's the great rebellious

The prince of the Earth.

On the right the demons

On the left we stand

That's really good place

Yeah! We wil remain