Moment Of Truth (org. Radio Version)


Bona fide!

I'm here to testify

That we can all get by

We all need a little love


We all need a helping hand

Come on, tell your fellow man

We all need a little love

Sometimes we're oceans apart

But I know deep in my heart

That it is time to refrain

Stop the hate and the pain

Come together as one

For the hour has come

It's the moment of truth

(Moment of Truth)

It's the chance we must use

We win or we lose in this moment of truth


We have all testified

And now we're side by side

And givin' lots of love


God made the perfect plan

So, show your felliw man

Let's all give a lot of love

Love, love, love

Now is the time to come together

Turn out the darkness for forever

Goodness and trust is what we treasure

All we need is love