Lie To Me

Brook Benton

Lie To Me- Artist: Brook Benton as sung on "The Satin Sound Brook Benton"- Suffolk Marketing-SMI 2- peak Billboard position # 13 in 1962- Words and Music by Brook Benton and Margie SingletonI know I'm losin' you, I feel it all the timeAnd I know if I lose you, then I'll lose my mindSo lie to me, lie to me, make me believe everything you sayJust, lie, lie, lie, li-i-ie, I'd rather have it that wayNobody told me you were cheatingAww it's just a feeling I hadSo if I'm right, you got to lie to meThen I won't feel so badBecause the truth would only hurt meAnd that price is too big to paySo lie to me, lie to me, I'd rather have it that wayNow you may think I'm foolish for saying what I saidBut the truth could mean I'd lose youSo tell me a little lie insteadTel me that you love me and I'll believe every word you sayEven if you lie, lie, lie, li-i-ie, I'd rather have it that wayTranscribed by Robin HoodThese lyrics were transcribed from the specific recording mentioned aboveand do not necessarily correspond with lyrics from other recordings, sheetmusic, songbooks or lyrics printed on album jackets.