Broken Hope

Take you with my skinning hearth

Strap you in my restraining chair

Clean and hone my instruments

Then the torture will begin

Blood drips off your finger tips

Drool sags down from your chin

Eyes roll back and jowls clench

I vigorously carve and peel your skin

Chunks of skin fly through the air, nauseating pool of piss

And blood evolves beneath the chair

As you struggle to stay alive, I'm overwhelmed by laughter

I split your scalp spreading it apart

Pull your face below your neck

From muscle and flesh your skin I've pried

Grizzly apparel fitted to my size

Finger pointing in your blood

Rolling in piles of guts

Polish and buff your skull

Nail your scalp to my wall

Grind your bones into dust

Cannot stop till all is mush

I save tattooed skins

Gallons of blood line the floor