Corner Of The Sky



Everything has a season

Everthing has its time

Show me a reason and i'll soon show you a rhyme

Cats sit on the window sill

Children sit in the snow

Why do I feel i dont fit in anywhere i go


Rivers belong where they can ramble eagles belong where there can fly

I got to be where my spirt can run free

Got to find my corner of the sky

Every man as his day dream

Every man and his goals

People like the way dreams have of sticking to there souls

Thunder clouds have there lighting night and gals have there songs

and i dont want my life to be something more then long


So many men seem distined to settle for something small

But i wont rest until i know i have it all

So dont ask where iam going just listen when iam gone

and far away you'll hear me softly to the dawn



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Achmad Albar - Alan Walker - Anji - Ari Lasso - Iwan Fals - Nella Kharisma - Rhoma Irama - Slank - Sherina - The Mercys

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