Brett Eldredge

I got a shadow and it follows me around
Wherever I go, it moves without a sound
My alter ego, that hunts me down and gets me
Finds a way to trick me
Then drowns me in the whiskey
Hold up, I need some help
The more you feed the beast, the more he raises hell
I know, I got a problem
But you know what they say
Smoke 'em if you got 'em

Feeling good
Probably better than I should
It's gone too far
I'm standing up here dancing on the bar
There's no denying
He came uninvited
But I kinda like him, oh no

Find me a preacher, I'm down on my knees
I need a leader to break these chains off of me
Don't let 'em hurt me, I'm getting kind of worried
Vision's getting blurry, please, somebody hurry

Pretty little angel, whisper in my ear
Please just make him disappear
I don't know if I can take no more

Gotta wait for that sun to go down
He's following me around
But it gets worse at night
Alright, give me another drink, C'mon