How Much Longer

Brave Citizens

We've been tearing up pages, line after line,
'till we carve our way through the ground
but sometimes all of the best things, they just take more time,
how much longer can we stand to wait?
wish I knew.

and we've been pouring our hearts until they soak up the light,
yeah it's electric how we can beat
but how much longer can I wait in the middle of the night
when you only want to hold your breath?

meet me here at the end of the road
we will go find home
and if we make it back we'll swear
that we are blessed.

so we broke our commitments, let the light turn green,
hit the gas as fast as we could
you know I get what I want out of your lifeless machine
I just do what I knew you would.

we'll swear that we are blessed
no matter what the cause
they'll believe anything we say