You are my accident with angel eyes.

My car crash with a perfect little smile.

The kind at thing that changes everything you thought that you knew.

Do you ever feel like someone's looking down the barrel at you?

Is it still raining where you are?

Is it still cloudy outside your window?

Is it still raining where you are?

Does it follow you everywhere you go?

You are a tidal wave with sympathy.

A tsunami ripping through me with such sweet sincerity.

I've got to, got to get through this alive. Alive.

And even now I think I'll probably manage somehow to survive.

This is comatose.

Just let me out.

Just let me out.

You're my overdose.

Just let me down.

Just let me down.

Wake up and tell yourself that it's all right.

You don't have to be the one to lie awake tonight.