Straight Off Da Head

Brand Nubian

Yeah, yeah, fo' your mind

Hmmmright, let's see what we can come up with

Record after record, yeaaah, rhyme after rhyme check it

[Sadat X]

In the studio, on the first try

On the verse high only birds fly

You get out the pack like that y'all

Straight off da head (what?), let niggas know I use to wear the pro

Get three strikes yo, I used to have to court awarder

but now I got a daughter and she gotta grow

And I let her know that that ain't the way to go

My name is X, yo I'm like a puzzle when I get released

Just like I had my muzzle off, check it out yo

I can never be sold

You don't stop (and you don't quit) and you don't stop

(We're makin hit after hit after hit y'all) Ya don't stop

[Lord Jamar]

Comin straight off da head one time it's the dread Lord J

Come around the way, would you say?

One time with my crew, manifessin

Just like that, now who you think you tessin? Uhh

Brand Nubian, my crew be in effect, uhh

Get erect with the blunts and ya check

right in, one time, goin to the bank, I'm

cashin, and you know I be stashin

in the mattress, one time with the phatness

beats, I be blowin up, showin up

at shows, checkin all the hoes

Just like that and defeatin all my foes

Go for jack

[Sadat X]

Yo my name is X, yo my name is X and I was born in

the BX, I went to New Rochelle

Know my man Mark the Spark who live in the Vernon

And my man be they rhythm, dwell in Bronxdale, in the home of the

boss, goin down the block or go to forest

Keep on goin past Morris High School

Then I go down the street to Courtland Ave.

Vietnam, the male goes in Jackson

Over the bridge, on