Your Home is in My Heart

Boyz II Men

(Ya, ya, yaaaaaaa...

Even from across the sea
So far across the sea
I can hear you calling me
Baby come to me
Destiny controls the end
No matter where you are
Dream to love again
Your home is in my heart

(Verse 1)
I know the way I feel about you won't past
Or if its gonna last and stand the test of time
So your search for love is about to end
Your future holds a place where true love begins
(I'll be right there) Even...


(Verse 2)
Take a moment and relax
Just start in the beginning
You won't know know where your going...
Still your there
Is it just physical or everlasting love
Please don't give up
We won't know unless we try
(Noooo...) So far...


Don't be afraid
You don't have to be afraid...

(Chorus x2)

(Spoken) matter where you are
No matter how far you go...
I'll be there

Now I realize...
You were my everything

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