Sleeping All Alone


Sitting here another night

in television view

seems like that's my only friend

when I'm away from you

Yeah, we had another fight

about the other flame

now you claim the candle died

but I say it's the same

You say I'm the only one

now that just suits me fine

you better treat me good

'cause I'm forgiving you this time


I'm sleeping all alone

tell me you're coming home

I'm sleeping all alone - tonight

If I had a half a mind

I'd kick you out the door

and if I were an other guy

I'd even up the score

But you see I love you

and a body has a will

so please don't knock me in the heart

I hope you had your thrill

You know that you made mistakes

and me I made some too

so hurry home and ask me

if I'm - television blue


I felt strong enough

to play a tough man's game

quit chasing after love

that never'll be the same - with you

See if you got your second chance

and that's all that you get

some guys wouldn't give you that

you better watch your stand