I Belive

Bon Jovi

All I know is what I've been sold

You can read my life like a fortune told

I've seen the dream, there's now land of Oz

But I got my brain and I got a heart

And courage built I won't let go

What we need right now is......soul

I can't do this, you can't do that

They feed us lines but I won't act

And all good things will come to pass

But the truth is all you have to have

And would you lie for it?

(Do you) cry for it?

(Would you) die for it?

Would you

I belive, I belive

With every breath that I breathe

You and me can turn a whisper to a scream

I belive, I belive

You gave it all, then you gave more

You know what you came here for

You'll pay the cost, like it's your cross to bear

Are we the ones that put it there

Would you scheam for it, scream for it, bleed for it,

Would you

I belive, I belive

Belive we're still worth

The fight you'll see

There's hope for this world tonight

I belive, I belive

Don't look up on your movie screens

In record stores or magazines

Close your eyes and you will see

That you are all you really need


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