Bogus Blimp

When the majority of the brain-cells are dormant

the mind is doll, stupid and even lazy.

To remove these condition, therefor we must arouse,

the dormant cells in those parts that are affected.

When a genius is queer, exentric, peculiar,

on addicted to what is called, the artistic temperament

it is not he best developed form for genius.

It is not real genius, but an expression of

extra-ordinary powers under partly control.

Where we find real genius,

we find well balanced caracters and charming personalities.

We do not find such genius to be very sensitive...or

difficult to get along with.

Know, that is true, and stamp that conviction.

Stamp that conviction on every thought you think.

Then go to sleep in the conviction that you now are a


I am a genius. I am a brilliant writer.

My language is fluid and of the highest order.

I have at my command innumerable ideas.

I am original.