Calling Orson


You Don't have to believe in something just because you've been.

Told it all your life and now its all that's in between.

A friend would, tell the truth too you

Let go and help you see it too

Do you feel safe?

When there are no excuses left for you to create.

It does it to me every time

You must be reading my mind

A friend, not a stereotype

You'll pretend to be happy until you die, this time I needed you, you just turned away.

Theres no-where left to go you know its easier to hide.

And stupid games there all the same until its time, time to play divide.

I played it fast, I hit rewind

there was something in front I was hiding behind

Do I need help?

(Coz) The only person you can rely on now is yourself.

Should of known better than to leave it there.

Dont concern yourself, coz everythings all right.