Body Count

A porno star, you're in 3-D,

you're right in front of me,

under the strobe lights,

moving that ass right, lap dance,

I'm 'bout to bust in my pants.

Goddamn baby, take my money,

take my life, I'll diss friends,

I'll leave my wife.

Every night I'm in the front row waitin.

Contemplating, masturbating.

Tell me what to do and it's done,

You whisper in my ear tell me

I'm the one,

last night I think I gave you 15 hun,

but as for a date, I can't get one.


I want my dick sucked.


I wanna bust a nut.



You're worse than a whore,

you won't fuck.

I wanna fuck you so damn bad

I'll give you anything you want

you can have my pad.

Girl I'll kill for you,

take my jewels, my cash.

Just put that pussy on my dick

and baby move that ass.

Your tits are so fat, I wanna

suck 'em dry

Push your clit near my face, I just

might try

Stick that ass out, stick it out baby,

you simulate your suckin my dick

drives me crazy.

I wanna ram it in your ass right now,

tonight baby I think I gave ya damn

near two thou,

you push your puss on my dick

you make my balls turn blue -

Don't make me rape you.