Momma's Gotta Die Tonight

Body Count

No, no, no, Mommaaaaa...

All my life I loved this girl so much,

all my life I loved her simple touch.

She cared for me and put me on this earth,

oh the pain of just a simple birth.

But now I find that she has left me dumb and blind,

poisoned, twisted, and destroyed my mind.

She taught me things that simply were not true

she taught me hate for race

that's why I hate you!

There's only one way I can make it right,

momma's gotta die tonight.

There's only one way I can make it right,

momma's gotta die tonight.

Momma, momma, I always loved my momma,

I always loved my momma.

I loved the say she hold me,

I love the way she talked to me.

She used to teach me a lot of things,

she taught me good things, she taught me bad things.

"Don't trust white people, don't trust white people.

Don't trust white people, they're no good, they're no good,

they're no good, they're no good.

They're just gonna rip you off, they're just gonna rip you off.

Don't trust 'em, don't trust 'em."

I said, "Why momma?", she said, "I told you don't

trust 'em they're no good."

I said, "Momma, I thought we were all the same momma,

why momma?" She said, "Don't ask me any questions.

Don't you challenge your mutha." Momma.

So one day I found I fell in love

and I brought my girlfriend home

and I introduced her to my mutha and

she smacked me, was a white girl and

I said, "Why momma? Why momma? What did I do wrong?"

You know, I found out my mutha was a evil woman.

She hated Puerto Ricans, Mexicans, Jamaicans,

Indians, Orientals, momma was no good.

I learned to hate my mutha, hate my mutha.

So I got some, ha ha, some lighter fluid, from the corner store

and I put it around her bed, and I set her on fire!

Ha, ha, ha.

Burn momma, burn momma, burn momma, burn bitch

burn, burn, burrrrrn. Ha, ha, ha. Burn you r