Onezy Twozy

Bob Kuban & The In-Men

You'd never think arithmetic

Was something you'd enjoy,

But when it's done a certain way

It's fun for ev'ry girl and boy:


One-zy, Two-zy, I'll kiss you-zy,

Two-zy, three-zy, you kiss me-zy;

Three-zy, four-zy, kiss some more-zy;

Let's start counting higher.

Four-zy, five-zy, let's get 'live-zy;

Five-zy, six-zy, hug me quick-zy,

Six-zy, sev'n-zy, this is heav'n-zy;

My heart's on a flyer.

Keep the numbers going 'till the songs is done;

Love will keep on growing, And we'll have lots of fun.

Sev'n-zy, eight-zy, you're my date-zy;

Eight-zy, nine-zy, ain't this fine-zy?

Nine-zy, ten-zy, start again-zy

One-zy, Two-zy, I love you-zy.