Guest List Feat Rosco Dash


[Hook: Roscoe Dash]
I be over here, I be over there
You be on the outside wishin you were here
I be at the club, I be at the spot
You be talkin big but you really really not
'Cause you ain't me and I ain't' you
I Ain't even gotta try, this is what I do
Cause you ain't me and I ain't' you
I Ain't even gotta try, this is what I do
This is what I do

[Verse 1: B.o.B]
This is how my day go
Wake up, cross over, fade ho
I wake up with that leggo, 28 flow but I lay low
No lease 'cause it's paid fo, stack chips with my queso
Straight shots no hangover, real bitches, no fake hoes
Two chicks in Barbados, we bait ho's like bagels
Hasta luego, Lobsta Alfredo
Authentic Italian linguine, Pasta, no Prego
Call me lieutenant, ridin in a whip windows tinted
Got a tour bus with a room in it
Loud pack, no stems, no seeds in it
When I ride on the beat, man I grove in it
Hell yes sir, I handle business
I'm so prolific, it's impostor-ing and no pretending


[Verse 2: Roscoe Dash]
Do it, do it, I did it, did it
It's done, it's finished
Yes I put it over a time to mix it
Mine I spin it, man I got hits on hits on hits
So why the hell they keep on pitchin'
Got a whole lot of haters who don't add me when they missin
My music is like a drug and I'm just feelin' enough prescription
That's school and put the beat it at the school detention
Got me Captain Hook man after low murder make me a burger
I'm so further like the place that you ain't heard of pound worker
See I get out hand to my building I am so ambitious
I got big dough that's biscuit [?]
So when I walk around that's fitness I pass fur when I visit
Overseas ball no pivot you talk about it and I love it


[Verse 3: B.o.B]
Grand hustle
Since day one you heard me
From the underground to the surface
I rose out of the fire, I emerged out of the furnace
But I knew that my time would come, And I couldn't be more deserving
Man I swear I'm good for life, but still I'm far away from perfect
Shit I'm straight like 12: 30
Call me the good, I'm burping
Chillin with brown sugar and cinnamon
One butter scotch and one Hershey (Good God)
With a booty so big you can probably Google Earth it
I'm a hit it girl with that long jump, With hat Jackie Joyner, that Kersee
Now squirt for me, twerk it for me
I'm the professor of Real Nigga University
I hold my team down, anchorman Ron Burgundy
I'm tryin tell you man, I'm sharper than surgery
Bobby Ray!


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