Brownsville Girl

Bob Dylan

Well, there was this movie I seen one time,

About a man riding 'cross the desert and it starred Gregory Peck.

He was shot down by a hungry kid trying to make a name for himself.

The townspeople wanted to crush that kid down and string him up by the neck.

Well, the marshal, now he beat that kid to a bloody pulp

as the dying gunfighter lay in the sun and gasped for his last breath.

Turn him loose, let him go, let him say he outdrew me fair and square,

I want him to feel what it's like to every moment face his death.

Well, I keep seeing this stuff and it just comes a-rolling in

And you know it blows right through me like a ball and chain.

You know I can't believe we've lived so long and are still so far apart.

The memory of you keeps callin' after me like a rollin' train.

I can still see the day that you came to me on the painted desert

In your busted down Ford and your platform heels

I could never figure out why you chose that particular place to meet

Ah, but you were right. It was perfect as I got in behind the wheel.

Well, we drove that car all night into San Anton'

And we slept near the Alamo, your skin was so tender and soft.

Way down in Mexico you went out to find a doctor and you never came back.

I would have gone on after you but I didn't feel like letting my head get blown off.

Well, we're drivin' this car and the sun is comin' up over the Rockies,

Now I know she ain't you but she's here and she's got that dark rhythm in her soul.

But I'm too over the edge and I ain't in the mood anymore to remember the times when I was your only man

And she don't want to remind me. She knows this car would go out of control.

Brownsville girl with your Brownsville curls, teeth like pearls shining like the moon above

Brownsville girl, show me all around the world, Brownsville girl, you're my honey love.

Well, we crossed the panhandle and then we headed towards Amarillo

We pulled up where Henry Porter used to live. He owned

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