Blues Traveler

Have you ever seen an atom

Little bits of everything floating by

Take a good look at them

Collectively they compose all you see including your eye

Brilliant puzzle

A living Rubix Cube we think we can figure out and solve

But we're just monkeys

Scratching our heads trying to open our ears

To a chord that just won't seem to resolve

And we call it wisdom

Yes intellect in our truest sense of the word

You see for us security means a harmony

According to only what we have heard

And this alone and nothing less

Will ease our heart and our mind

In the hopes that in feeling free we'll reach paradise

On that hilltop we're still trying to find

But the possibility exists no matter how scary it may seem

That paradise was once the world and it wasn't just a dream

The earth was our heaven and we didn't know there were rules for us to break

And maybe now we'll find out too late what a clever hell we can make





In this corner

Weighing in at almost every weight imaginable...

Life, and all that surrounds it

And in this corner

Weighing in at well, not really very much of anything;

A very sound and user friendly idea

On finally bringing that pesky mountain to Mohammed

Gentlemen at the sound of the harmonica solo you may come out fighting

Take a look at the horizon

Quiet and still

You know there used to be bison

Gentlemen you may fire at will

They say this land won't go to waste

But you gotta wonder how

You know we're chopping down the air we breathe

As fodder for the cow

That's right so we can eat well

Yes and starve to death

And say there's nothing we can do

Because we really don't want to do a goddamn thing

Look I'm shrugging and so are you

We can imagine the straightest of lines

But our fingers can't control the pen

And it's this frustration that yields relief

As we say we're