I Told You So


You walked up to her

I told you not to

Asked her for a drink

I said she'd say no

You asked for her number

I told you to call it

(Speaking): 'Hello gay and lesbian issuses centre how may I help you'

Hate to say I told you so

You saw her again one week later

She's hanging round with that cool skater

Better buy some baggy trousers

Yes the single not the album

You listen to all the wrong music

That's not my fault I told you to lose it

I saw her smiling looking my way

You thought it was you

You went back again

You asked why she gave wrong numbers

I told you not to

You told her, her skater liked her ex better

I liked that one though, it was mine first

Leave it go on just walk away

Don't ask again another day

She said no the first time

Why yes now

Now she's your wife

That 'stupid cow'

You've got ten kids

What's there names again?

You leace her and your baggy trousers

Goodbye love

Hello another