The Adventures Of Johnny Bluecollar


this will take some time away from me, and my life. i will not allow it to

fold in front of me. to curse the hands of time, and become the enemy. i

often wonder if they stare at me, but without you, theyll never see. i

wanted to do this for a long time, although my strength would never last. i

wished for hope and despair. every step i make seems like another set of

eyes looking at me. another set of eyes looking at me. forgive, from the

shadows of your lies, you can give, but your desperate...desperate...whats

the reason? of the sweat from the heat of my mind. with bad thoughts of

ending their time as long as i wait, and let them set a killing way upon

that. being part of a lie, i will kill if im betrayed...all desperate of

whats become. trust in me, this time. my heart is falling for love, standing

behind you. run, so far away that we can get away, away from the weak. this

way we're clear from the pain, not forgetting the tries. not forgetting the

tries, pondering the weak. between what i have seen, is this a dream? i cant

believe, i cant believe this is the way of what i have seen. and still you

lie, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and

again, and again. all i hate. i disintegrate. words terminate what you

become. controlled what i gave. farewell. what i gave, suffered of the

change. what ive seen. i cant believe, is this a dream of what ive seen?