What Have I Got To Lose

Blessid Union Of Souls

I started to write you a letter the other day
Didn't know exactly what I was going to say
And at the last minute I threw it all away
Cause I didn't think you1d read it anyway
And I'm the kind of man who1s glass is half full
But I'm a bit torn from the strings you pulled
And since I already felt a bit abused
I thought to myself
What have I got to lose
Cause I can't fall much further down
And look what I've got to win
If you would only hear my heart

Yesterday I actually tried calling
But that was after six days and six nights of stalling
And I thought about everything that we've been through
All the different places that we went to
The times we hurt each other, sometimes we meant to
Trying to make up with flowers that I sent you
But now I'm at the crossroads and it's time to choose
And I guess I just figured, what the hell...

What have I got to lose
Cause I've already come this far
And look what I've got to win
If you would only search my heart and see what's deep inside

Don't want to go to sleep cause I don't want to dream
I always wake up with tears it seems
Can't blame it on you so it must be me
I'll beg for forgiveness if that's what I need to do

Cause I ain't got nothing to lose
I've lost the one thing missing from my life
But look what I1ve got to win
If only I can get you to hear my heart
What have I got to lose
When all I've lost is the everything that I need
And look what I've got to win
If you'll only listen, listen to my heart