Big Sister

Billy Dean

(David Gates/Billy Dean)

You were a little older than me
When you bought me my first beer
You liked my company
For the first time in twenty-one years
I've laughed about the good old days
And how you kicked me out of your room
I guess you went through a phase
As your body was starting to bloom
Now we're grown up as grow-ups can be
Hell, I'm six foot three
But you're still Big Sister to me
When Jimmy Evans broke your heart
It was me he answered to
And then Mom and Dad fell apart
I remember leanin' on you
Now we have our own families
You know our blood runs deep
And you're still Big Sister to me
There's times you got under my skin like a stubborn thorn
And I'm sure there were days when you wish I had never been born
But the years have drawn us closer somehow
And all that's water under the bridge
There's just miles between us now
And family photos all over the fridge
You call me once a week
With some advice that I don't seek
And if I Live to a hundred and three
You'll still be Big Sister to me.