Bill Haley And His Comets

R. o. c. k.

r. o. c. k. rock !!!


making r. from an eight to the bar eighty-eight

o. from the told of the sax syncopathed

c. from the key of the six-strings guitar

k. from the kick of the rim shot, baby,

that's how they made it

that's how they played it

r. o. c. k. rock !!!


i know my a's, and my b's, and my c'ses

p's, and my q's, and my x, w, z'ses

no, how to lose all the blue, blue, bluesys

jump in a pair of my dancin' shoesys

take with my baby,

rock with my baby

r. o. c. k. rock !!!


oh, strauss this comin' waltzes

a handy man found the blues

and here i came along with the rockin' song:

"crazy man, crazy" crazy news !!!


r. is all the rock here's the band it's a-movin'

o. more than act, it's a go! go! groovin'

c. what i mean is a heart attack action

k. like a kiss is a cool atraction

who even getcha' ?

i'm gonna betcha'

r. o. c. k. rock !!!



The band initially formed as Bill Haley and The Saddlemen c.1949-1950, and performed mostly country and western songs, though occasionally with a bluesy feel. Many Saddlemen recordings would not be released until the 1970s and 1980s. The original members of this group were Bill Haley, pianist and accordion player Johnny Grande and steel guitarist Billy Williamson. Al Thompson was the group’s first bass player, followed by Al Rex and Marshall Lytle. ... selengkapnya

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