Pure and Simple

Bianca Ryan

Wherever you go
Whatever you do
It's pure and simple
I'll be there for you

You've been sayin that im drivin you crazy
And i havent been around for you lately
But ive had a few things on my min

When im with you i am filled with emotion
Cant you see, im given you devotion
And a love like this is hard to find.

I know i've been walkin around in a daze (baby,baby)
You gotta beleive me when i say
Ooh ooh

Where you go (i'll always be there)
Whatever you do (i know im gonna be there)
Its pure and simple
ya ya
i'll be there for you.
Whatever it takes
Im gonna be there
I swaer its true
U know im gonna be there
Its pure and simple
Ya ya
I'll be there for you
Pure and simple gonna be there