More Of Myself To Kill

Between the Buried And

You have all wept once more... why? I would never ask

for such. Go.

I have realized for once in my existence my true

happiness. This is a first time for me... I feel

innocent, caring, and non-threatening.

Reincarnation for a better life... becoming one with

true harmony. No gods have caressed or burned me, only

nature is willing to comfort me.

Salvation is dead and all of you have passed away with

me today. I will never have to entertain or please any

of you ever again. I am alive.

My memory is the only thing keeping the old tears in

my eyes.

I still know that all of you are taking for the sake

of not leaving. You are killing the innocent for your

so-called nutrition. You are infecting our lands with

your filth. You are killing for the sake of your

promotions in life.

One day we will all be in this soil... with no gods to

slave to, and no heroes to kill for.