Beth Orton

Been sitting so high on this pedestal
No need to tell me how I might feel if I fall
And you don't know how hard it is to cry
Ever since you have said good bye

You can't feel this sad and not a little strong
You can't feel this bad but not a little wrong
How you gonna know all the answers
When you don't know how to question it
And you don't know all the questions yet

And there's a look in your eyes
Of which we never speak
Will it make you too strong
Am I gonna feel so weak
Well, I'm not the same as you
And I don't want the things you do
And all that preaching never let anyone know
You cannot reap what you cannot sow
You cannot reap what you cannot sow
And they never had the patience to let it be
Sometimes I've waited years for what I cannot see
It must be them, not the whole world that lies
To neither do I wanna have to say goodbye