Delicious Surprise

Beth Hart

If I won me the lottery 

I'd dance naked in the street 

With a top hat full of money 

& you'd wanna get to know me 

if I won me the lottery

& if I was a movie star 

I'd sip honey from a pickle jar 

in the back of my limousine 

& they'd call me an icon 

& I'd be lookin' back at you 

from the cover of the People magazine

I guess it's all for the takin' 

I guess it's all yours and mine 

my sister says I got to see it & believe it 

& I believe I believe it 

But I'm just an outsider 

livin' in a trailer with my black & white TV set 

If only I was President 

you know I'd paint the White House pink 

& never have to pay the rent 

if only I was President

I guess it's all there for the takin' 

I think it's all yours & mine 

My preacher says I got to see it to believe it 

& I believe 

Won't sleep till I've had enough 

I believe won't sip my wine from no paper cup 

I believe won't sleep till I've had enough

Delicious Surprise 

Now I do believe 

No fear in my eyes 

Now I can see 

Heaven's inside inside inside 

I knew it all the time 

Got me somethin to believe in 

but all I really want now is 

a handful of salvation