Star Warz Gangsta Rap


Intro (Vader and Emperor)

It's not the East or the west side

no it's not

it's not the north or the south side

no it's not

it's the dark side

you are correct

you can't front on the dark side

to all you Vader haters out there

we'll blow your planet up

1st verse

what is my bidding my master

it's a disaster Skywalker we're after

but if he can be turned to the dark side

yes he'd be a powerful ally

another dark jedi

he will join us or die


we've got death star 8(x)

Uncle owen:

Get your ass over here and quit monkeying with that damn landspeeder

Did you fix those two droids

did you clean your room

2nd verse Luke, Yoda & Obi Wan

Uncle Owen, I know I'm on probation

I cleaned the droids

can I go to Toshi Station

I got a lay away on a power converter

but know your treating me like a scruffy

nerf hearder

Obi Wan:

Luke use the force and run

run to Dagabah

run to Dagabah


I'm Yoda I'm a soldja

I'll mold ya then fold ya

I though I told ya

don't be unwise judge me not by my size

you won't believe your eyes

watch the x-wing rise


Yoda why you being a player hater

you know I still must confront Lord Vader


But Luke, not ready are you


but there's a city in the clouds where

they're keeping my crew

A Jedi has to do what a Jedi has to do

so now Vader - I'm coming for you

Luke in x-wing talking

3rd verse Vader and Emperor

Impressive now release your anger

you must have realized your friends were in danger

Luke: ahhh why'd you cut off my hand

Vader: its imperative that you understand

Obi Wan would never bother

telling you about your father

Luke: he told me enough he told me you killed him

Vader: t

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