Eternal Eclipse


Another sunrise swathes the earth in light.

The sun, a symbol of innocence, inverse of the night.

Yet with all this energy comes a certain weakness.

'O hear it's silent cries as the blackness envelops.

Amass, congregate. Form an ashen shroud, asphyxiate.

Secure restraint reigns, mummify the sun.

Drag it down to earth with it's age old flame extinguished.

The event of it's demise, an invitation to it's rival.

Lord of insanity, replacing joy with madness.

Now all life on earth, turns it's head towards it's master.

Rationality, replaced with numbed mesmerisation.

Through centuries of blackness, ten thousand claustrophobic years.

Eyes seeing no light, succumb to blindness.

And cry longing tears, land that once thrived.

Reduced to gray desert, smothered by eternal eclipse.

An eternity of non-existence.