Vomit Upon The Cross


Gloriole on your worm eaten head

Foul air escapes your lying mouth

Tyranny throughout the centuries of pain

Blinded zombies followed into the decline

Kneeling... in a stinking church

Crawling... before an image of god

Obliteration of adoration...

Burn the scriptures - fuck your obnoxious sermons

Shove the host - up your sanctimonious rectums

Son of stench - oppressor of vice

Castrated savior - king of imbecility

We press the thorns deeper into thy rancid body

Perennial torture - get raped by our sins...

Deride the martyrs of their crumbling dogmas

Devoted vermin poisoned with impurity

Shoot the servants of this rotten kingdom

Abomination is the wages idolatry

Shed the blood of christ - vomit upon the cross

Kneeling... crawling...

Praying... Dying...