Old Hippie Christmas

Bellamy Brothers

Well it's that time of year again
Everybody's runnin' round
Decorating everything
Before the fat man comes to town

Meanwhile at the commune
He's getting ready too
He's tye-dying T-shirts
Making love beads just for you
He's trimming up his favorite tree
Tokin' what he grew

Well he's got the 8 track blastin'
Incense burns by candlelight
Gene Autry's singin' Rudolph
The Grateful Dead do Silent Night

And he's seen the evening news
And the prospects still look dim
But solutions for the planet
He knows starts right here with him
So he'll visualize
This sacred night
A world that ain't out on a limb

Yeah, it's an old hippie Christmas
Weather's cold and hearts are warm
Momma's smokes the turkey
While daddy smokes the farm
It's an old hippie Christmas
Just full of yultide fun
Jesus must have been a hippie Peace and love to everyone

Well the kids makeup their wishlist
Sunshine, wants the A bomb banned
Rainbow, wants to go to 'Frisco
In an old Volkswagon van

And the black lights
And the lava lamps
Are flashin' all about
And Santa in his sandals
Leaves us little doubt
That Christmas time is almost here
It's gonna be far-out

Repear Chorus twice