Ignite Freestyle

Beanie Mike

Aye is that sauce or what

Woke up wrote a verse, and then I went to workWent to work when I wrote the verse it didn′t work
I wanna rap, but I gotta get the money first
If you don't like my music you don′t gotta be a jerk

Mat named the beat Ignite, so I brought the fire
Got some money, my attire got a little flyer
Always had it, never show it like a spare tire
You wanna work till 65 then you gon retire

How it feel to be a liar when you don't know it
I'm the type of rapper to get money and then not show it
I′m type of guy to reach my goal and keep going
And keep going, and keep going

I hear the same music everywhere that I go
I gotta get out, or people gotta listen to more
Bumping songs sounding like they straight from the soul
Maybe cause I′m a product of Kanye, Kendrick, and Cole

I checked the gram for the first time in mad long
Seen my old friend posting on her spam page
Stressed out college got her in a rampage
I'll hit her up so I can make sure that she okay

Life is a balance, you gotta lose to gain
Once you know it′s a game you'll never lose the game
I figured it out, I′m never gonna lose again
Less youtube playing with my views again

I'm just playing, happiness it comes from within
From the heart de la soul where it ends and begins, yeah
Happiness, it comes from within
From the heart de la soul where it ends and begins, yeah

Beanie Mike on the mic I′ve always been a menace
Kids of Dennis in attendance
Going with the flow, even after the beats finished
Yeah I know I'm in the deep end, and I just keep swimming

Pull up all black look like Bruce Wayne
She a dime but to me it's still loose change
My side chick a snack she below main
Chinese food on a date eating lo-mein
Her name is Jessica she think she got a hot name
That′s a thot name
Her ex really sitting there thinking that he got game, he can′t even talk game
I can tell he's lame from the freaking way he walks mane
Yeah, okay
You think she bad, but to me she a no name
Players change, can I trust you in a close game
James Harden you gon′ ask me for another trade

I was truly annoyed when she was venting to me
That bitch is loose change throw her in the vending machine
Go get a real snack get a real meal
Don't settle for a big mac get the real deal

Kinda like you rappers low quality beef
I′ve been running round in circles tryna make tracks meet
Improving on the shit that we did last week
Actually I'll think I′ll drop the tape on May 13th

Oh snap he said it, he's dropping the tape
Yeah we're dropping the tape man
Beanie Mike Beanie Beanie Mike

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