Straight Mtl

Basket Case

[Mikey Styles]

Yeah, Yeah, 1-2, 1-2

This is how we do, 1-2, 1-2

Something made for your jeeps

Something made for your cars

Something made for your walkmans

Something made for your systems

Know what I'm saying?

I kick the politics

So what's my name? (Big Mike)

Rocking mics on tracks like mountain bikes

Gotta keep my mouth clean

For critics still sizing

Still on the rapping, remember this we're slamming

I know this cat who want to be a superstar

Play the role proper, ain't got a dollar

Now he wants to battle new scholars

To prove he rap this, to prove he rap wack

Word up mister MC, you gonna get slapped

>From Montree to N-wild, styles for hood see

I be the b-boy walking

With the Guess sagging

Crown MC staring, at my chain, shiny

Acting like he fronting

Perfect example of this cat half stepping

I know you heard our shit on the radio

But you ego won't let go because we're raking all your dough

And we ripping all your show

The jelly jelly's envy

Basket Case rocks your party (party)

The jelly jelly's envy

Basket Case rocks your party (party)

[Mr. Q]

I make sure that cash rules

Only these politics keep me stranded on this lonely island

With just me and my fam

Forever hypnotize with this corrupt lifestyle (what the fuck, kid?)

Man, I could never get enough

I be ducking, while you catch slugs through your chest

We on the roll again, making hits again

What the fuck cousin?

I find it funny and amazing, won't you open while

And analyze my construction

No fourth dimension, budha smoke type of island

Some kid went on trying