He Loves You


Well, take a look around; tell me, what do you see?
The world's fallin' apart like one, two, three
Or maybe you think everything's all right
You ain't got no need to "see the light"
Well, no matter who you are
A bum in the gutter, or a rock n' roll star
He loves you

Now you might wonder if we're talking to you
Because God wouldn't want you with the things you do
But that's not the way that Jesus is
He loves us all, and what a love He gives
Hey, no matter what you've done
Or what you do, you can be His son
He loves you

Well, you don't have to change your ways
Just give your life to Him and you'll be amazed
If we could be good we wouldn't need Him
That's why He died; to pay for our sin
Just ask the Lord to be your friend
He'll give you peace and forgive your sin
He loves you