The Splendour Of A Thousand Swords Gleaming B


[ALTARUS:] Gaze deep into the mists with your spirit-eyes, Xerxes... look far,

and tell me what you see.

[XERXES:] I see a land far to the north... a vast empire of dark endless moors

and snow-crowned mountains... a land of brooding citadels and warrior-kings

who hail to grim gods.

[ALTARUS:] Look well, Xerxes, for enlightenment hides within the fog-swathed

vales of Hyperborea...

[The King's Dream:]

By the onyx sceptre of my forefathers, the air is churning with auguries

of dethronement... Impending dread thus prophesized! In a dream I was bade

ride the argent-eyed unicorn to the Ring of Stones... There a torrent of

viscid slime assailed me, as pipes and horns sang the clarion of my

dissolution... And the usurpation of my ancient azure throne. Assassins stalk

the nighted halls of my palace... poisoned blades and chalices surround me.

I thirsted for a balm, but my thirst was slaked by an envenomed draught. My

swordarm shackled by tendrils of sloth... enthralled by the chasmed gloom...

Borne upon wings of labyrinthine dread... I awaken! I shall seek the counsel

of the sorcerer, keeper of the ancient scrolls of wisdom, and the Crystals of


[The Words of the Sorcerer:]

My liege, great and regal king... the mists disclose their secrets... you

are destined to wield a great dark power. Drink deep of the potions of the

apothecary, for upon thee now I bestow a shard of the mystic Crystal of

Mera... sacred artefact of the At lantean mages, won in battle by our legions.

My liege, the Crystal of Mera shall unveil the truth lurking hidden in thy

most fever-haunted dreams...

[The Voice of the Harbinger:]

The land awash with spilled blood, and viscera torn forth from the

sundered dead... Gorge the earth with flesh darkened with the claw and fang of

war... rent open the ravenous maws of worms...

[The King:]

The Crystal illumines dark secrets, the truth is known... a dire and

ancient threat is ranged agains

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