True Honey Buns (dat Freak Shit)


I'm reclinin' out West - maxin at da ress pressed to see my cutie that

I call to come caress me desperate pooh unavailable da check dis - not

into masturbating yo cuz that's some other shit since I had hit a dry

spell I figured I'd manicure my nails den out da blue I'm interrupted

by the bell it was Kia talkin bout Dia c'mon let's bounce tonight

Wu-Tang performin at da Fever and I got backstage passes - vip status

da after party's at the Marriott we in the night like Gladys cool I

can do wit dat give me 45, so I can wash da pussy cat a marinade da

body hop in mizarahi tighten up dah afro and turn to superhottie tell

you what I'll hit you up soon as I'm ready when I see your Mitsubishi

out front we jettin'


Arrived at da club like 11:45 - scenery was live - mob like a 3-2

center outside fly riders da whole shabang you know how Philly hang

come time nah get extravagant while I was side tracked by the glamour

and the glitz key was chattin' wit a bouncer telling him we on nah

list within a split second we escorted through conjestion routine

friskin' metal detection all's clear as air - no question so we

grabbed at the bar and head towards da dance section wit no hesitation

we breeze to the back in the green room where the celebrities was at,

that's when nah propaganda began to emerge star stud events must

trigger hoochie alerts cuz Kia went berserk, diggy low at first subtle

body language actin'like a flirt tongue stickin out wit da' baby doll

pout talkin' all loud I'm like what's dis all about ... -mono-

Here come tha' raw maneuver luew-der than imagined Kia aimin' for

attention strivin for it with a passion slips out her sarong starts

dancing in her thongs like a bootie song was on I said sis you know

you wrong