Send Me An Angel

B. Cap

Send me an angel, send me an angel, send me an angel, I need your love (2x)

Rap: If your ready and i'm ready one for the money and two for the show.

Relief about copulate to know I am moving fast and moving slow.

To cry is now okay yo, searching London high and low.

Anywhere in the world i'm prepaird to go why cause I love you so.

Rap: When you move at the rub-a-dub style, dancing bold and butterfly.

Dress like funk by these lights, move to the left and move to the right.

I will be your earth angel, willing now I'm able.

Nothing to me is impossible girl cause your in creatable.

Chorus: Send me an angel, send me an angel, send me an angel, i need your love (2x).

Show me how to stay, show me how to wait, all i want is you i'll be there (2x).

Rap: Yo knocking now if i'm your out cure, look in the mere your on the TV.

Eh! Tallow with capability, rough sere sheer cool party?

American people under aimer, English people under aimer.

German people, a matter of us fighting covenantal.

Chorus + I'm ready, i'm ready, i'm ready for your love (2x)

Asleep, asleep, aside, aside, listen are the people Khar watch your ride.

well ain't ya fool, well ain't ya ride, it will do me good when me get sunshine.

Watch ya ride come watch your ride, yeah! (3x)

Watch your ride come watch your ride.


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