Help The Poor

B. B. King

Help the poor

Won't you help poor me

I need help from you baby

Need it desperately

I need you so much

I need you're care

I need all the loving baby you can spare

Help the poor

Oh, baby help poor me

Say you will

Say you'll help me on

I can't make it no further

In this world alone

Baby I'm beggin' with tears in my eyes

For your loving, don't you realize

I need help oh baby

Help poor me

You are my inspiriation

You could make me be a king

But if you don't come to my resuce

I couldn't ever be anything

Help the poor

Baby Help poor me

have a heart won't you baby

listeining to my plea

I lost all my courage til I found you

You got what it takes baby

To get me through

Help the poor

Help poor me

I'm in trouble don't you see

Only your love can save me

Help the poor help the poor