Take The Crown

Axel Rudi Pell

[Intro words:]

Long ago in the enchanted land

They lived in fear and had a hard stand

[1. Verse:]

In the distance beyond the sundown

Down to the world of purgatory

Holy night, the cry of the angels

They chose the one, the one to kill the king


They'd been living in a nightmare

In a world of hate and full of despair


Take the crown

And take your life in your own hands

Drawbridge down

The night of the demon dance

Take the crown

We're fighting united

Turn it down

Down to the ground

[2. Verse:]

On and on they fought till dawn

The chosen lords of doom

Going down down down the knights are around

Till the rising of the moon

[2. Bridge:]

No more living in the shadows

Released from grace and the bell it tolls