Beyond The Haunting


Fear the dreams, desires

The terror

Know what darkness we nourish

The wickedness

Born out of long lost legends

We are collectors of the dead

This slowly dawning horror beckons us once again

We walk and live in shadows forever and much longer

The mortal immortals...the restless ones

The dark of our existence lies deep within

Our bodies are stirred by an ethereal breeze

And in these buried lands...

We are doomed...

Beyond the haunting

Lies a dying light

For those who walk

On the path of death

In a tortured grasp of tormented wraiths

Dreadful dreams claim our failures

Oblivion is groaning in pain

At its long decline feel the stirring of our souls

Our bodies wracked with imagined pain

Shredding flesh off the bone

Until we find the phantasm core...

The scarred entity drifted into sleep

To face our mercenary nightmares.

Our moment, our triumph

A sinister outcome was shattered into pieces.

Drenched in a moment of unguarded pain

We are the ones who creep and crawl...beyond the haunting

The mortal immortals...the restless ones...

And when the clock of time strikes the quarters

The entity drowns in a sea of clouds

Beyond the haunting lies a dying light

For those who walk on the path of death