/ sean don

[sean don]

Yo that type of reaction is

Out of the heavenly realms yo

Uh, yeah sean don, yeah avant yeah

Now, yo, yo

Yo honey you're here with sean don

So let me let you know

Tonight we're having fun till it's all done

Move your body and on the dance floor

I'mma show you how you can work it out

But be careful

I know you've heard of me, call me python

Haters call me james bond

Cause you know i stay strong

Lucky charm in and out and it's the same song

What you want can be only be one

Rock me and avant


Fine as i can see

The only one i want in this party

So baby can we spend some time tonight

Bumpin' and grindin'

From the front babe and behind yea

You got me going outta my mind


Don't stop what you do

I want to be with you

Right here baby

I want you yeah

Stay here, don't go

You're making me lose control

Show me can you do it this way

1 - can you do it like this babe?

Can you do it like that babe?

Can i get behind your back babe?

So i can see your reaction

Repeat 1

You got me going crazy

The way you move your body

Freaky girl can i go down, yeah, yeah

As i get behind you

Holding your hips

What i see got me licking my lips

I wanna take you home tonight, whoa yeah

Don't stop what you do

I want to be with you

Whoa, whoa yeah

I wanna be with you

Stay here, don't go

You're making me lose control

Right here baby is where i want you

So tell me...

Repeat 1 (2x)

[sean don]

Yo, yo, yo

The way you see the night going

Answer me i wanna know

So many things i gotta talk about

It's unbelievable

What's in it for me cause you're pretending to be

Honey come here as i'm beginning to stare

More money from there?

Pay the price, stay the night

What i like is a type that'll say my name right

Sean don the python

Know my weapon, know exactly where i'm hea