Forgive And Forget


Me and my shadow
He goes wherever I go
My darker side sometimes chases me home
He makes me feel guildty
For things I'm forgiven of
Says I'm unworthy
Whil You say I'm loved
Lest I forget itYou have said it I believe
If I forget
That You forgive
Will that affect
The way I live
What I regret
I won't relive
I won't forget
That You forgive me
He's my distraction
'Cause he know my passion is You
His Broken record plays 'round and 'round inside my head
He'd keep my own two eyes
Focused on pitful me
But I'll turn my heart in love
Toward the world instead
Lest I forget it
I'm forgiven and I'm free
I am living the promise of a meciful place
Where all my shame is gone
I am living in the freedom of forgiveness and graceI
t's all I am counting on.