Black Thrash Attack

Aura Noir

A wind of ashes mixed awe and wonder for these

The yearner, the hallows, the spectre and I

And the arrows pointed to the core

As songs are sung for the tender ones

The black thrash attack

Crack of thunder,

At dawn we slumber... these clumps of flesh

Its the black thrash attack

A rush of agony mixed lust and terror for these

The burden, the flock, the masters and I

And a fairytale was soaked in blood

As remembrance prowled on through the night

A whiff of divinity brought scents of murder to this

The heavens, the masquerade, the winged one and I

And our shades were gracefully enshrined

A sepulchral voice did drain the soakened sky

A slice of atrocity linked rage and pride

to the sight of the heavens in its last throes of death

And my hands shaked and curled triumphantly

In this black thrashing night of infernal hell...