In Sylvan Enchantment


To reap this bitter harvest

From the wound that never heals

These hollow veins, the toxic nodes of man

Disease twines therein

Left me in sylvan enchantment

Where chlorophyl burned my skin

The blind fool that held so dear the memory

Afraid to let the darkness in


Thus heaven fell tonight

Burning arbors Of Bone and Sinew

Contorting skeletons of peace and virtue

-corruption heralds the new dawn

Yes, arborescent we stand tall under the firmament

And sigh under the cold winds of change

Scorned and strained,

arms outstretched

towards the heavens

Misericorde - uncrown the self- claimed kings

Behold the Architects of aeon-dead worlds,

Blindness leads, when weaving (their) ways divine

Redirect evolutionary paths from Cyclopea to Dystopia

"Leave me in sylvan enchantment

Where chlorophyl disintegrates my skin

Must let go so bitter the memory

and let this darkness in"