Hard Knocks

August Alsina

Welcome to AAU, look to your left, look to your right
Look behind you, look in front of you, man something you niggas ain't gon' need
Why don't you know I'm from New Orleans nigga?
You already know I'm coming out busting, 8 shots on us nigga

Who that? We that
I'm the man up in this bitch, believe that
Where the drink at? Where the weed at?
Where your hoe at? She in the back where we at
Hold up, boy the react, you know that I stay strapped
Miami on my way, that's where the heat at
Did you miss that? Allow me to explain homie
If you tryna bang a nigga, I always keep them thangs on me

Outchea it's, I represent the
I used to sell at, now I be working
I came up in that, took a couple
Cause all we knew is, I made it through the
I grew up with them, graduated from
Looking back on 'em, appreciating them
Lost a few to them, no confusing them
Still we needing them, made me who I am

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