Small Violins

Atoms Family

Steve Buscemi: “You know what this? It's the world's smallest violin.”

It's like this when my mic hits your scalp like nightsticks

[And mites bit] so I can turn on the light switch

Do you mind [with] my rhyme shit?

Create a climate that's timeless and climb cliffs

Obstacles become goals

Thanks to impossible flows

The ranks are my [apostles who grow]

Why you posture for gold?

You perpetrate for platinum

Serve the fake for satisfaction


For respect

With my mic check

Don't write checks my ass can't cash

If Hip Hop's dead then I'm a necrophiliac

Digging out backs and feeling tracks when I rack

Full Metal Jacket rapid [tacks]

Stanley Kubrick with two clicks for faggots on some bullshit

My twenty-one gun salute says, “Fuck you”

Have you fools swinging from your neck like truck jewels

I play the background

My rap sounds lay the smackdown on you whack clowns

With pen hits

Blending with tremendous

Vengeance, sentence, weapons

Implemented with aggression

Just to teach a lesson

That Alaska's a bastard

Whose genetic patterns spelled backwards spells disaster for the masses

It takes forty seconds to percolate my sensation

Reduce the [census mention]

In the state I meant to mingle

Case and passions are a bliss

Special [shripulation]

Split if the issues react

[Thought the boy] inverted

Up you, Mr. Wizard, tissue paper






False picture painting

Second going on third generation imitation

Soon enough, it'll be disintegrated

With the [ syntom ] crates

[Hand golf], milk carton, missing children

Kissing [buildings]

Listen pilgrim

[Let's bark]

Plenty fill

In the dark

Many will

Trends start

And they will

And it kills my ears

When I listen to them

[I'm dissin' fluid]

All ya wan