Always Be My Baby

Atomic Kitten

Out of sight, out of mind

That's what they all say

But I learned that ain't

The truth with me and you, babe

Time can't change a good thing

Lovin' you is something I still feel

You'll always be


Remember we were lovin'

Every single night

You gave me all the love

I needed to survive

And each and every day

I'd only dream of you

And every single thing we would do

Remember all the plans that we made

All the things we went through

Just one thing remains

You'll always be

Life's too short, don't look back,

That's what they all say,

Cause you don't know

What you've got, no,

Until it's gone babe

Same mistakes, we make again,

Needing you is something

I'll always feel

You'll always be


These days I find myself

Remembering what we had

Each time I walk away,

I just keep turning back

And every night and every day

The love we had, the love we made

And I wonder if it's true

Am I still your baby too?

Oohh, ooohhh

Oohh, ooohhh

(Chorus X2)